TriAxis Preamp

When Mesa Boogie said they wanted to make a computerised preamp everyone was thinking well maybe Randall had finally flipped... but of course they were all wrong. Enter, the finest preamp for guitar in the world - period.


Review of Diezel Hagen.

11 November 2014


The Diezel Hagen Tube Amp...Inside and Out Review. Does this thing really rock or is it just a Metal only Amp? Find out HERE

Also the GT-100 Floor Pedal From Roland Corp. Here's a full review of this great pedal.



Roland GP-10 Inside and Out Review

15th November 2014


The Roland GP-10 and GK-3 seems to offer for a low price the guitar synthesis everyone seems to want for a relatively low price.

Find out if this guitar synth is as good as the GR-55 or even the VG-99? is this at las the low cost solution we have been waiting for?

Check out this review online ..take a look at the GP-10 and find out the shortcomings of this otherwise fine unit.


Satriani JVM410HJS from Marshall

4th May 2012

demoA new amp that Joe Satriani uses? What? A Marshall? I thought he used other stuff?

But not any more... Joe has revoiced the JVM HJS Marshall amp and here is the 'Inside and Out' Review

I also reviewed recently some old favourite pickups and show a demo of David White pickups for the Stratocaster. David passed away some time ago but he left a fantastic legacy if you can find any... Click here for David White Pickups


TriAxis Preamp from Mesa Boogie

TriAxis Preamp from the gods - Mesa Boogie


Triaxis Preamp


The Mesa Boogie TriAxis was developed some time ago by mesa Boogie.

But in the world of Preamps this has remained the preamp from the gods - completely unchallenged over the years and used by many on their path through guitar rockdom (if that's a real word) to being some of the most famous guys in rock in the world today.

Notice I said ROCK. Ill say it again - R O C K.

Don't bother if you have anything else in mind.

But take this preamp and hook it to a Mesa Boogie 2:90 and you will undoubtedly have one of the finest rack amps available for any price - period.

And its still that way today.

But there is a little problem to overcome... ok - its a big problem.

The setting up of one of these TriAxis rigs with a 2:90 and all the outboard kit will blow your mind - especially if you have little idea about what you are doing. Don't let ANYONE tell you its simple - it is not.

But there is help - right here on this website you can get everything you need to know about the setting up of the TriAxis and 2:90 and even which other kit will switch for you as well as general wiring for the rig.

So go on... get out there and buy one cheap on eBay or similar site.. get a 2:90 (essential in my view) and lets get started together on the Mesa Boogie TriAxis pages right here...  right now...