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Review of Diezel Hagen.

11 November 2014


The Diezel Hagen Tube Amp...Inside and Out Review. Does this thing really rock or is it just a Metal only Amp? Find out HERE

Also the GT-100 Floor Pedal From Roland Corp. Here's a full review of this great pedal.



Roland GP-10 Inside and Out Review

15th November 2014


The Roland GP-10 and GK-3 seems to offer for a low price the guitar synthesis everyone seems to want for a relatively low price.

Find out if this guitar synth is as good as the GR-55 or even the VG-99? is this at las the low cost solution we have been waiting for?

Check out this review online ..take a look at the GP-10 and find out the shortcomings of this otherwise fine unit.


Satriani JVM410HJS from Marshall

4th May 2012

demoA new amp that Joe Satriani uses? What? A Marshall? I thought he used other stuff?

But not any more... Joe has revoiced the JVM HJS Marshall amp and here is the 'Inside and Out' Review

I also reviewed recently some old favourite pickups and show a demo of David White pickups for the Stratocaster. David passed away some time ago but he left a fantastic legacy if you can find any... Click here for David White Pickups

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We have spent an inordinate of time updating Tony Mckenzie's website and now included more Reviews, Equipment, Video and advice for musicians than ever before.

Many new video reviews of music gear on the Video Page



The Diezel Hagen reviewed Inside & Out

Check the news page for the latest news.

I have started to update reviews pages on this site, and will now get the new reviews written one at a time, they take me a long time to do but will eventually get there... the holding pages are published so that gives google some time to wake up :)

Reviews coming presently in written format are: GT-001 Baroni-Lab Vintage Pedals

Becos on-Board Micro Preamp Bias and JamUp Custom Telecaster Build
Tone Shaper Switching and the Orange Jim Root #4 Amp.

Other completed reviews include:

Diezel Hagen Tube Amplifier Inside and Out Review

Roland Boss GP-10 Inside and Out Review now online

H&K Grandmeister 36 amp Inside and Out Review

DV-Mark Multiamp Inside and Out Review

Convert your Mesa Boogie Amp from 117 Volts to 240 Volts ONLINE and Video

Kemper KPA Midi Control Program from Everglades Audio Review

The Dragon 2002 REVIEW is now ONLINE and included VIDEO.

PRS Dragon III Review is complete and online now also with Video.

Roland GT-100 Review online now.

We're working on a written review of the recent Telecaster we made.

Check out two fabulous Fender Warmoth Strat combinations
Newest is called 'Blue'  and older is 'Brown'. We hope you like them...
Review of the 'Brown' strat is HERE and review of the 'Blue' strat is HERE

There's also a new Rockumentary we thought was interesting from Blan Alaruce (famous LA interviewer) about some guys called the FocknRollers™. We made a quick FocknRoller page and they have a website at I guess it should all be interesting. There's a trailer available now check HERE or visit either or   websites. There's more to be sure coming presently. Actually we thought they were a gas...


Guitar Amplifiers

Our Guitar Amp Reviews keep on Expanding

The section for guitar amps is growing exponentially and we are please to include reviews and tips on the Triple Rectifier and the Road King II from Mesa Boogie. Our TriAxis area has also had a little updating. There are now reviews of: Engl E670, Splawn Nitro, Egnater Tourmaster, Marshall JTM45 Reissue, Marshall JVM410H, JVM410HJS (Satriani Signature Amp), Ceriatone (Dumble) Clone HRM, Divided by 13, Kemper amp, H & K Grandmeister 36, Marshall 2061X Reissue and cab and more coming online all the time.


 The DV-Mark Multiamp Inside and Out review is online now

Check out this amplifier and find out what it is really like. Has DV-Mark really found the answer to over complex over priced units on the market? This review sets out to tell you some of the answers in a way that only ever does The facts as an ordinary guy sees them! It's a long review with also a video review included.

Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Signature amp Inside and Out Review ONLINE NOW

A new review of this long awaited amp that is used by Joe Satriani. Its the JVM, but not as you know it, with redesigned voicing's and a number of major other changes... check it out - its probably what the original should have been.

Full Review ONLINE - we show you some of the differences between this amp and the older JVM in the review.


AFD100 Full review and how to use it.
Comments within the review by Santiago Alvarez from Marshall Amplification PLC
I have offered a slight update in
green on that review as a later opinion on this amp.

Check out more on the new Marshall YJM100 review NOW ONLINE

REVIEW of the Kemper Profiler Amplifier. Check out this great product from Kemper - is this a revolution in amplifier design but not as we know it? This amp is now available and reviewed inside and out as we usually look at most amps. Is it a good idea to buy one? Find out now. I was developing a site called however that site is now defunct since Kemper put up their own site to share profiles. Mine remain on there but it will NOT be updated.

I updated the Kemper to a Rack Version in March 2013 and that review (both written and 'inside and out' video is coming soon.

Another NEW Review is of the Divided by 13 Tube Amp model FTR 37 which is (as you might guess) a 37 Watt handmade amp which is a top end amp. Check it out at Divided by 13 Review on this site.


Our Guitar Section Includes:


Reviews of Ibanez 7VWH, Fender Custom Strat, an Ibanez Copy made in China, Gibson Spotlight Special Custom Shop, Gibson Les Paul Supreme, Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page model, PRS Dragon III, Ibanez RG550 and more coming online as we get to write the reviews.

Review of Fender Custom Strat with Warmoth body Fender Custom 3 Body Brown

Review of Fender Custom Strat with Warmoth body Fender Custom 4 Blue Body

Review of Fender Custom Strat 'Blue' with Warmoth and Seymour Duncan 'Antiquity' pickups. Also included 'Super-V' 'Bladerunner' tremolo for the strat.

Fender Custom Stratocaster 'Blue' review and overview of 'Blue'

Review of 'Bladerunner' tremolo from Super Vee for Fender Strat

There's a new video and review of how to make a custom Telecaster. The video is on our video page right now and the written review is coming soon. It's a really cool guitar and not at all as you might think; it also uses a STETSBAR and shows what the guitar is like played with and without the Stets.


Effects and Processors

We have expanded this Effects section too which now includes: Sanyo 'Pedal Juice', Lee Jacksons Fuzzy Finger, Roland GT-Pro, GT-8, GT-10, Digidesign Eleven Rack, TC Electronics G-System, Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah, Vox 60's Cry Baby wah, Ibanez TS-808 Reissue, Ibanez TS-808 Hand Wired, Hardwire SC2 Tube Screamer, Hardwire DL-8 Delay and the Vox Satchurator with more coming online presently.

The new GT-100 from Roland Boss is now online HERE

Check out the Line6 POD HD500 Review online HERE

There's a new kid on the block now reviewed from Roland Corp. called a GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and that promised to be cool - but was it? - review online HERE

The Axe-FX II - well we did take a look at that one. But we sold it quickly before we lost some money and were called more names. Check it out Axe-FX-II and just in case you did not know, Fractal Audio do NOT appear to own the Trade Mark.


Our Accessories include the eBand JS-8, Bare Knuckle Pickups and a Metro amp PTP Board for a JTM45 Style amp. There's a review of David White pickups (remember those?) and Seymour Duncan 'Antiquity' 54 hot pickups. Also a review of the new 'Bladerunner' tremolo for a strat. More items as we get them.


We updated the video section and have new videos.

Tony also demonstrates many of the pieces of kit that we review here on this site.

Last Video updates were on 6th August 2012 or thereabouts.

There's a JVM410H Joe Satriani Marshall Amp, a divided by 13 amp and Kemper profiling amp video, the YJM100 Marshall amp, The 'Blue' Strat from above and much more coming presently. Always check out the video stuff on YouTube HERE


Marshall YJM100 Amplifier

The YJM100 Marshall amplifier has landed for review.

That's right! The new Marshall YJM100 landed with me on the 28th July 2011. I'm told its one of the first 25 units to be released by the factory (who knows that may well be wrong) and like many guys I was looking forward to reviewing that amp. Did I keep it? And was it everything that this amp should be?

Other input from Santiago Alvarez of Marshall Amplification. A really great contribution from a really great manufacturer - this is the way other manufacturers should do things. The right way! Here's the YJM100 Review


Marshall AFD100 Amplifier

The AFD100 from Marshall is reviewed in an 'Inside and Out' review and you might be surprised at the results... remember there's no bull***t in my reviews - I tell it the way it really is...

Actually this amp was so much anticipated by so many guitarists; as well as a complete review, we have developed a complete section under the Marshall menu on the left that goes in to many of the new features of this SLASH 'Appetite' Marshall Amp.  Read the review online, watch the videos on this site or at Comments within the review from Santiago Alvarez from Marshall Amplification PLC here in the UK.
Review updated to later comments by in green.


JVM410H Marshall Amplifier Review online

The JVM410H is a well known Marshall head that's been around for a while and is now commonplace on the second user market. How do they stack up? Find out what we think in the JVM410H review HERE It's interesting to note that the JVM is also Joe Satriani's amp of choice from Marshall... with some mods of course. I've already read about Joe hating those red channels... well fancy that... most people hate them too and I was no exception. What's more, the new 'Satch' JVM is reviewed 'Inside and Out'.


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