Ah the good old Axe-FX II. Find out why Ill NEVER keep one and why the one I had for review is sold - you might be very surprised at the logic. But if you are an ordinary guy just like me you may well not be surprised.


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Axe-FX II - why I dont have one

Axe-fx II why I would not entertain keeping one at ANY price.


I recently bought an Axe-FX II from the European distributor G66. A great company I might add.

I reviewed the unit and the MFC-101 on YouTube and the second I did I was ridiculed to an alarming extent on the Fractal Audio Forum that is managed by the owner/designer of the company. Indeed they used racist words, ageism was rife, extremely derogatory remarks about me and lastly how I play guitar. Remember the Axe-FX II was under review not me!

I decided to include on this site a recording I made in 2007 called Lightpipe AI for free downloadable HERE so you might agree that I'm not a complete idiot (I have some really great reviews of this song I wrote and played without a single simulator in sight) but on equipment reviews I dont play very well on, of that there is no doubt. But if the kit is being reviewed then frankly the playing is another story.

When it comes down to saying racist remarks, rife ageism and that other stuff (which I will not put on this site because I get lots of people visiting whom I dont feel should be subject to that abuse) on that forum I do not accept that sort of thing.

Remember I'm probably just like you, I pick up a guitar and play because I like to. And I write reviews because I was sick and tired of seeing reviews that one way or another did not reflect the products that I bought - and there are many that write reviews that are often not a real reflection of the kit in question.

Unfortunately, even the owner was calling me things he should not have done and thats just not right (see below)....

After all I was a customer so maybe it could happen to you!

And thats where I have issues with that company. The forum says welcome and the chimps on there say everything else you could think of... all because I wrote a review that they dont agree with? Reasons why? Well go and figure that one out yourself.

But as a customer I have been treated like crap. And for a product that is equivalent to $3500 or £2500 in the UK that stinks.


Actually I did like the product, but I did not like:

  • The 4 to 6 month wait
  • The pigeon welding inside the unit (it was amateurish). This matters because the Axe-FX II some say should be used on the road. If thats the case that welding could crack or break under stress.
  • The Forum which I have absolutely no time for because of their language, attitude, racist comments and other stuff in contravention of their own forum rules.
  • The owner (who is the forum administrator or similar member - well fancy that)
  • The product without 'where it was made' stamped on it (a requirement for Europe and maybe the USA as well. They stamped the cardboard box which it is alledged is still in breach of the law. This matters - there is some awfully badly produced equipment from some countries and you have a right to know - it has to be on the unit itself.
  • Lots of sounds neither I (or possibly you) would probably ever use
  • The absolutely disgusting price when I bought it - its substantially cheaper in the USA and they even discount it!
  • A self certified CE document. I really would like to see the original test document showing the Axe-FX II under test conditions and all of those tests and results rather than some self certification that actually shows no results of those tests. Why not ask for one you have a right to under the law.
  • No inclusion of the RoHS certificate. With the unit I bought, the serial number on it should be on the RoHS document from the manufacturer for Europe and rapidly becoming law state by state in the USA. Ask for that too - you have a right to see it. Valid ones show your serial number on it and when it was made and by who.

But what I do Like is:

  • The new Kemper Amplifier unit similar to the Axe-FX II but nearly half the price.
  • About 10 amp simulations in the whole Axe-FX II

I gave the Axe-FX II an 8 out of 10 when I reviewed that unit. Unfortunately because of those racist comments that were posted and the customer service (remember I'm a customer paying full price) I downgraded the product a little to reflect that the forum where you have to go to get support (I would not go there) and other stuff I have learned since...

The product rating is now 2 out of 10. Why? Well where I come from there is absolutely no excuse for all those comments on their forum, there is no excuse for treating customers this way and there is absolutely no excuse for paying £2500 (or $3500) when you can buy it in the USA with its pedal for substantially less money with zero customer respect.

I would personally never buy another one of these as long as I live. I think tube amps eat it for breakfast. Tube amps may be better than the Kemper too, but at least the owner won't call you a 'chucklehead'. It's actually comical the more I think about it. How can an owner of the company call customers that... its rediculous.

Its that simple really. If you have ANY company that you are a paying customer of, and you are treated extremely badly then sell the kit and walk away.. but dont forget to tell your friends how you were treated. I do. Because I dont want other people being called a chucklehead by the company owner or worse getting racist remarks banded about. Awful.

He clearly does not come from sales and maybe does not want his company to succeed. Calling customers names in this way is bad news for that company. Shhh don't tell him he may fade away.



Case closed.

Don't look for the review because it will never happen on this site but please do draw your own conclusions about the equipment and the guy who runs that show not to mention the appalling forum.

The '' website I closed too.