AFD100 Marshall SLASH Amp Video Review

The AFD100 is one of the most anticipated amps to be released in recent times - Reviewed with Video Content now - find out all about this Marshall Amp and is it worth the effort?


Review of Diezel Hagen.

11 November 2014


The Diezel Hagen Tube Amp...Inside and Out Review. Does this thing really rock or is it just a Metal only Amp? Find out HERE

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Roland GP-10 Inside and Out Review

15th November 2014


The Roland GP-10 and GK-3 seems to offer for a low price the guitar synthesis everyone seems to want for a relatively low price.

Find out if this guitar synth is as good as the GR-55 or even the VG-99? is this at las the low cost solution we have been waiting for?

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Satriani JVM410HJS from Marshall

4th May 2012

demoA new amp that Joe Satriani uses? What? A Marshall? I thought he used other stuff?

But not any more... Joe has revoiced the JVM HJS Marshall amp and here is the 'Inside and Out' Review

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Marshall AFD100 SLASH Amp


Marshall AFD100 @Appetite' SLASH Amp Amplifier


You might know by now that my REVIEW of the AFD100 is now on line on this site here AFD100 Review

But of course that is only part of the story.

I have also developed some pages that tell you a little more about the amp and its various aspects and facets. If you are very familiar with this amp I guess you won't learn much, but if you are not? maybe those pages will get you a little further down the road of sound karma...

You can check this whole section by choosing 'Marshall Amps' from the menu on the left and then choosing any of the following sub sections:

  • AFD100 Slash Amp (this page)

    • Specifications - where you learn what Marshall specified

    • AFD100 in Use - where I offer advice and information from my involvement with the amp

    • Power Output - where I discuss the Power Control of the amp

    • AFD100 Loops - where I offer general advice about effects loops

    • Tube Bias - In this section I discuss the special Biasing of the AFD100

  • #39 History by MisterMiniMite - a REAL insight to the history behind the original amp

From the links above you open the page in a new window - but from the menu on the left you move to that page in this window.


If you want more info why not visit the AFD Forum made especially for anyone who wants to chat with others about these great amps here: AFD Forum Its a great forum for this sort of thing and even 'Santiago' the designer behind this great amp often visits the forum. You can get some first hand answers to your questions directly from him - as well as the many other guys who know most of everything there is to know about the AFD amp.



Here is part one of my video which shows the build and internal aspects of the amp and a little sound section at the end... Part two is near enough music right through the eleven minutes or so.. and you can watch that right here too!



And here is Part two of the review. This video shows the amp being used in at least 5 or 6 different styles of music - but dont forget to check out the full written review from the menu on the left - there is far more in the written stuff than any of these videos.




I hope you like the review it's totally honest, fair and my conclusions NEVER say something that is bull***t - probably one of the only websites that reviews kit without ANY ulterior motive except to tell you the way it is!

Enjoy... (or not) :-)


And heres a video with Chris George and the AFD100 prototype...

The Chris George video is (c) Marshall Amplification.

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